The Asante Development Union (ADU) will return to the streets of Kumasi on Monday to stage the second of its demonstrations against the capitation scheme.

The group, last Friday, launched a crusade to compel the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) to suspend the implementation of the health capitation in Ashanti.

Leaders say the action will be “massive and continuous” till the NHIA heeds to the plight of health seekers in the region.

Group Coordinator, Edmond Oppong-Peprah, is worried calls for the suspension of the capitation piloting has been politicized.

“Now they’ve rather imported a lot of NDC bigwits just to confuse the people about capitation. We think that this is unfortunate because they’ve added a political angle to this…these NDC people must be called to order and then the National Health Insurance Authority must also use professionals even if they want to educate the people”, he observed.

Mr. Oppong-Peprah says the Union will continue demonstrating until the policy is withdrawn.

“We’re still calling for the immediate suspension of the policy and I’m calling on the people again to arise and demonstrate against this policy. Coming this demonstration we are not petitioning them [NHIA] again; we’re petitioning the government but we’ll sent it through the regional minister”, he told Luv FM.

Meanwhile, talks between the NHIA and private medical practitioners have broken down yet again.

Private health facilities have refused to accept patients with NHIS cards from the beginning of this month.


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