-??? Allegedly Stuff Revenue Into His Personal Account

?Information gathered from the Wassa Amenfi West District, Asankrangwa has indicated that the District Chief Executive Hon. Saamuel Meisu s allegedly hiring the seized excavators impounded during the operations of the inter-ministerial task force on Illegal Mining.

images (4)Sources say, the excavators which are supposed to be confiscated to the state and for that matter a property to the Assembly, are being managed by the DCE alone, allegedly carrying out a private business with them.

It is also alleged that revenue generated from the rent of these excavators find their way into private accounts with the Assembly getting absolutely nothing in return.

It has also been alleged that the DCE has established contact with a company, SAMATEX based in Samaboi a suburb of Asankrangwa According to the information which has become a regular customer in hiring the excavators.

The company according to information does pay GH?1000 daily for using the excavators.

Indications are that some of these activities undertaken by the DCE have led to his failure in the recent elections making him lose the Assembly election.

Available information has also revealed that the Assembly members are bent on voting against him coming Friday in another election.

Although, the DCE is claiming the excavators are being used by the Assembly to reclaim the lands used by the illegal miners, and that he is not aware of any hiring, sources, say, his claims are baseless since he was the very person who carried out the transaction with the companies in hiring the excavators.


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