Naa kwarkor

Meeting Naa kwarkor through chance can leave you intrigued, for while there is no doubt per her appearance that she is a sophisticated lady, she nonetheless carves uniqueness for herself unlike her peers.

Naa kwarkor
In a world where ladies won?t be caught dead without a weave, wig or anything ?w? on their heads, Naa spots a cropped hair and opts for her natural nails as against claw like fingers her peers behold.

Her dress is quite simple yet stylish. She prefers sleeveless tops and skirts to do justice to her curvy and tall frame, the one love she has though is high heel shoes and on that the 20 something beauty explains she loves the heels just to remind all that though she?s left the weave, wigs and extended nails she still can command attention with her heels and stimulating conversation.

When asked if men for the most part wrote themselves off because they find her intimidating, Naa explained ?it?s all about having self esteem and confidence, no man or woman ought to write themselves off if they have feelings they love to express.?

According to the pretty damsel, although she has dated a Nigerian and finds bald Europeans interesting her choice lies with a Ghanaian man because there is a certain grounding in being with a fellow citizen.

The Corporate Relations officer, voice-over artist and aspiring musician stated that even though she once had permed hair, she out of frustration cut them off to make time to study for her exams but since the return to her natural hair, the admiration from young and old as well as male and female made her retain the hair style since.

She added she?s become more comfortable and now saves about 300 Cedis monthly, a sum she would have used for weave buying and fixing.

Still on the nail bit, Naa Kwarkor noted ?I became uncomfortable with the extended nails so chose my own nails but I don?t hate on the others who opt for nails and weaves, it is their choice after all.?

The enchanting yet now single lady intimated that in desiring a man, she looks out for a man who has character, stands by his words, is gentle, financially independent, kind and intelligent as she can?t stand stupid people.

The voice-over artist observed that the future looks bright and so she opts for a well to do guy who won?t be in her business too much when she undertakes her own projects adding that when it came to sex, she was down with any style provided both partners have an understanding and both enjoy the deed.

The aspiring musician disclosed that musically she leans towards the soul genre and rates Enya, Celine Dion, Efya and Asa highly. Enya for her emotional play, Dion for her vocal delivery, Efya for her tenacity and Asa for her messages.

Naa Kwarkor, the effortlessly stunning damsel asked that fellow Ghanaians brace themselves for her musical entry sooner rather than later.

Source: michael eli dokosi

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