The South African government on Wednesday reassured that antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) are not affected by manufacturer supply problems. drugs
“Most patients on ARVs are taking the fixed dose combination (FDC) tablet. This FDC is fully stocked at manufacturers and provincial depots,” the Ministry of Health said.
Additionally there is a buffer stock of the FDC kept by the National Department of Health to be used in the case of emergencies, the ministry said.
It was responding to rumors that the country is running out of ARVs.
This was the second time since Monday that the ministry was trying to alleviate worries that ARVs were running out.
But the ministry said there were problems with the supply of other HIV infection drugs — Abacavir, Ritonavir/Lopinavir combination and Ritonavir.
“However suppliers have resolved these problems and now all outstanding orders have been delivered to depots,” ministry spokesperson Joe Maila said.
South Africa is facing a shortage of medical supplies, prompting rumors that it would be impossible for HIV patients to continue their ARV treatment. The opposition Democratic Alliance (DA) on Monday called on Minister of Health Dr Aaron Motsoaledi to account to Parliament on the ongoing medical shortages.
In South Africa, three million people living with HIV/AIDS are receiving ARV treatment, meaning treatment coverage for nearly 50 percent of the infected, the highest treatment rate in the world.
Referring to shortages of other medicines, Maila said there had been limited supply of approximately 155 medicines mainly due to the global shortage of active pharmaceutical ingredients.
Manufacturers have been working around the clock to address these supply problems and some of the supply problems with certain medicines have been resolved, he said. Enditem



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