Amidu Sulemana, Minister of Roads and Highways

Amidu Sulemana, Minister of Roads and Highways

Artisans in the Asuogyaman District of the Eastern Region are appealing to the ministry of roads and highways and the district assembly to consider employing them in the rehabilitation of the Adome Bridge.

They said the current economic situation in the country, particularly in the district, was so unbearable that their services have not been engaged since the beginning of this year.

?The rehabilitation of the Adome Bridge will afford us the opportunity to be employed and earn some income?we have heard that artisans would be employed from Accra and Ho. That is very unfair to us,? Kofi Obiri, a resident welder at Gyakiti told Today. 

The government has indicated that Parliament last year endorsed a 129-million Euro Credit Bank of Austria to finance the rehabilitation of the Adome Bridge which is currently in a bad state.

According to the government, the foundation as well as the decks and the hangers of the bridge will be replaced.

The Adome Bridge will therefore be closed down in June for rehabilitation, and it is expected to lastfora year.

Government also says a landing beach project will be constructed as an alternative route during the closure of the bridge.

And that two ferries would be provided at the Atimpoku end of the river to convey vehicles and passengers from Kumasi, Kpone and Koforidua to Asikuma, Boso, Kpando, Hohoe and the northern part of the Volta Region to ensure secure and fast transport.



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