The military has killed a Boko Haram leader and detained 156 sect members

A military and police unit in Adamawa State tagged ?Operation Restore Sanity? early Monday morning recorded a major breakthrough in the fight against Boko Haram with the killing of Abubakar Yola, popularly called Abu Jihad.  He was killed in Mubi town during a gunfight after resisting arrest. The military had imposed a curfew on the town the day before.

The team also detained 156 members of the terror group including commanders responsible for the bombings of cell phone towers in the north, belonging to major mobile phone companies.

Taking newsmen on a tour of the Boko Haram secret base later in the day in the company of the State Director of the SSS and the Police Commissioner, the Brigade Commander, 23rd Armored Brigade, Brig-Gen John Nwoaga said 5 women and 6 children were rescued from a house used as the group?s armoury.

Hundreds of canisters of IEDs, new assault weapons, submachine guns, 2000 daggers, bow and arrows were recovered from the armoury, Nwoaga said, adding that large quantities of bomb making materials were also recovered from another property inside the Shehu Shagari low cost housing estate in Mubi town.

Boko Haram, a group made up of radical Islamist fundamentalist have claimed responsibility for several bombings including the attack on the UN building and the police force headquarters, both located in Abuja. 

The terror group?s spokesman Abu Qada, was killed last week in Kano by the military. The group has not issued a statement of any sort since his death.

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