Kenyan Army Launches Pre-dawn Beach Attack On Kismayo

Kenyan military forces launched on Friday long-waited final attack on Somalia?s southern port city of Kismayo, Last and major Al shabab controlled Base in Somalia, Witnesses said.

Sources have confirmed that four Kenyan warships stormed ashore at Kismayo in the early hours on Friday morning, capturing half of the city, following much resistance.

With some reports It was a joint Somali and Kenyan AMISOM attacks both on air and sea and It was unclear where there has been any casualty in the assault on Kismayo.

Meanwhile, Kenyan military spokesman, Maj. Emmanuel Chirchir, Kenyan forces stormed on the coast at Kismayu, a port town and a significant conduit for illicit arms and smuggling profits, at 2 a.m. on Friday.

It was not clear what is going to happen next. Kismayu has been a complicated place to rule, with several major clans competing for influence and significant port fees to fight over. Also, though the Shabab seem to have formally withdrawn from the town, they have vowed to go underground and use insurgent tactics to fight their enemies.


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