Screenshot of the 'Faces of Facebook' App - ? Natalia Rojas, TheFacesofFacebook

Check out all the Faces of Facebook. It?s a site that visualizes more than 1.2 billion Facebook users on a single page, compiling their profile pictures like the world?s craziest patchwork quilt. When you first click on the site, the work of freelance designer Natalia Rojas, there are so many faces that it just looks like static. It?s only when you begin to zoom in on the faces (arranged chronologically based on when they registered with the site) that you can actually start to process the scale of what you?re seeing. Rojas says the site doesn?t break any rules, because it doesn?t store information or photos. We must admit, it?s quite a tribute to the reach of Mark Zuckerberg?s dorm-room brainchild. Can you find yourself? [Source]


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