An unfolding drama is being enacted in the village of Enugwu-Nanka in
Orumba North Local Government Area of Anambra State.

A local tin god, a failed politician, and a trouble merchant, by name Chief Ubaka
Walter Okeke, has stumbled on some wealth, and so wants his immediate
neighbours to taste his own version of village terrorism. Chief Ubaka
Okeke is your typical egotistic, ill-mannered, grouchy, petulant, and
illiterate (even if certificated) local chief, who trips on the
obeisance and worship of poor neighbours and villagers. He is usually
escorted by a team of battle-ready policemen ? public servants
maintained by taxpayers? money, but who use the resources made
available to them to terrorise rather than protect hapless villagers.

Chief Ubaka?s latest escapades are mind boggling. First, he annexed a
portion of the land of his neighbour, a retired engineer and an
evangelist. The Chief claimed that he had acquired ownership of the
strip of land adjoining the community road used by the villagers for
nearly a hundred years or more. As far as Chief Ubaka is concerned,
this property acquisition, gives him the right to determine how his
neighbours wake up or go to sleep. He denied his evangelist-neighbour
the right to be connected to the public source of power and chased
away the EEDC staff; he claims he also bought the electric poles. No
authority has been able to convince him to change his mind. So his
neighbour has had to make do with lanterns and generators for more
than three years now.

Next, Chief Ubaka Okeke blew up the culvert that leads into his
neighbour?s house. Then he built a reinforced concrete dwarf wall
across the entrance to his neighbour?s residence. Finally, he put in
place his double-decker trailer to fully and effectively prevent the
evangelist-engineer from entering his house.

Chief Ubaka Okeke?s neighbour?s Culvert at Enugwu-Nanka destroyed by Chief Ubaka

Concrete embankment erected by Chief Ubaka and his Trailer across his
neighbour?s Gate.

Chief Ubaka?s neighbour?s Gate behind Ubaka?s Trailer, the road Ubaka
is claiming. As if above insults are not enough, Chief Ubaka sued his
neighbour first for trespass and by the second week for violating his
fundamental rights for daring to report to the Police.

All these actions Chief Ubaka effected with the active support and
backing of his police escorts. Thus, since April 2015, Chief Ubaka?s
neighbour has not been able to drive into his compound; he has been
turned into a refugee in his own village and homeland.

No one has succeeded in stopping this local Chief ? not the Police,
not the State High Court, not even the village community Town Union.
He proudly claims that he can gag any person or institution with his
millions. He has further perfected the art of instituting multiple
actions and suits on real and imagined causes, to enforce his wicked
schemes. The questions that rankle: Why on earth would the Nigerian
Police allow itself to be so used? Why are the courts helpless to
dispense justice and stop this terrorist? Is this naked god so
powerful that no one can call him to order? Is there anyone out there
in Naija who is still interested in justice, equity and good


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