I am only asking. Rumours have it that the Vice President is gay. If indeed?he is, then hurrah?to all homosexuals in Ghana.?Ghanaians will?no longer molest?them. The public and the security forces will no longer look down on them as societal vermin only good for riddance.

Don’t get me wrong, the majority of Ghanaians will still not publicly embrace the HIV-producing human maggots (homosexuals). By Ghanaian custom and tradition, it is a taboo to practice homosexuality,?regardless. Even the ever-Merciful God Almighty hates to see humans involving themselves in homosexual acts. This led?Him to command fire?to descend from Heaven?to consume the people of Sodom and Gomorrah.
Politicians for the sake of obtaining winning votes have come to accept and legalize homosexual activities in some so-called civilized world. What is civilized about allowing men to marry men and women to marry women, thus, same sex marriage? This is not right. It is?an?anathema to human society and a blemish on our intelligence.

Ghanaians should not encourage or accept homosexuality no matter what the Vice President does to compel?them?to open up to such evil acts. We should continue to look down on them with unqualified scorn.
Some useless, stupid and homeless Ghanaian in?somewhere?……., Sweden, going by the name Joe Jackson or Jackson Joe Basoah or whatever, is jubilant?aboutAmissah-Arthur?being?now the Vice President. I hear he is encouraging more Ghanaians into the gay brotherhood. He can?only?practice his nonsense in Sweden. People will not allow him openly do that?in Ghana or his own decrepit jungle backyard in whichever region he comes from.?I am sure his own parents have disowned him for being such a shameless homosexual.?He has brought shame on his family who I think can’t look their neighbours straight in the eyes when they come face to face.
Vice President Amissah-Arthur, I appeal to you to respect the customs and traditions of Ghanaians regarding homosexuality. I do not believe you are one but if you are,?please?keep it to yourself without seeking to legalize it. If you should try, Ghanaians will resist you.
Why at all should Ghanaians be eager to embrace the evil fallouts from the Whiteman’s table? Homosexuality is one of those. The fact the Whiteman practices it with agility doesn’t make it right or incumbent upon Ghanaians to welcome it with?widely open?arms singing Hallelujah. I hope that disgraceful Ghanaian in Sweden who is not ashamed of himself had better stay there in peace without seeking to bring the people’s anger and curses upon his head.
Ghana has officially rejected homosexuality by asking the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, to shoo British aid to Ghana up his arse. He threatened to halve British foreign aid to Ghana if we refused to officialise homosexuality. We told him to keep his money while we maintain our traditions and customs. This is how dead serious the stance of Ghana is on homosexuality. This is for the information of that wayward Ghanaian homosexual in Sweden. He had better behave himself, boycotted his sexual fantasies, the only way Ghanaians will welcome him back with a hug into the proper Ghanaian fold.
Long live Ghana. Long live our noble traditions and customs.


Kwaku Asirifi?


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