Archbishop Lwanga

Archbishop Lwanga

“I urge politicians and the public to have respect and tolerance for each other. It is our hope, that free and fair polls are conducted without violence and intimidations so that it can be one of the fruits of our national harvest, 50 years since independence,” Lwanga requested.

Delivering his Christmas message in Kampala on Thursday, Lwanga said: “For God and my Country is one of the best mottos in the world, it tells us to put God first and have our country at heart. So in this political period, we should not forget our motto.”

He added: “Let us not forget what Pope Francis message to Ugandans his recent visit to Uganda; The Uganda martyrs remind us the importance of faith, moral righteousness and commitment to the common good for this country.”

He noted that they were aware of the challenges in the country, like economic crisis and governance but these should create violence during this period.

Wishing Ugandans, a merry Christmas, Lwanga recited the grace which was revealed to the world through Jesus Christ who was born by virgin Mary as a true man and true God.

“He (Jesus) entered our history, shared our journey and came to free us from darkness and to grant us light,” Lwanga said.

According to the prelate, “the birth of the King of Peace reminds us of where true happiness lies. May our hearts be filled with hope and joy, for the Saviour has been born for us.”

By Juliet Lukwago, The New Vision


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