Charlotte Osei
Charlotte Osei

Mrs. Charlotte Osei- EC Boss

Some twenty three persons have so far picked nominations to contest for council of state membership for the Ashanti region.

The Electoral Commission (EC) opened nominations on Thursday January 20, 2017 and set Thursday January 26, 2017 as deadline for filing.

Speaking to Ultimate News’ Ivan Korshie Heathcote – Fumador on Tuesday, the Ashanti regional director of the Electoral commission Sirebuor Quaikoo indicated that the Ages of the aspirants so far ranged between 21 and 92 years.

Commenting on the composition of the electoral college, (the electorates for the council of state elections) he explained “The law states that every district assembly should nominate two people to represent them. so either the assembly will meet and by consensus appoint two people to represent them or elect two people to represent them, it will all happen at the assemblies. They will only submit the names to us for the elections,”

He added that the final elections will be held at the conference hall of the Regional Coordinating Council.

The person who wins majority votes will sail through.

By: Ghana/ Korshie Heathcote – Fumador


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