The following are news highlights in Zambia’s major media outlets on Monday.

— Tennis super star Roger Federer has hailed the Zambian government for its efforts in improving early childhood education.

The tennis super star, who is in Zambia to undertake programs on early childhood education in collaboration with local organizations under his Roger Federer Foundation, said organized preschool education especially for children in rural areas gave them a better shot at life. (Times of Zambia)

— A scam has been unearthed in Lusaka, the Zambian capital where some traders were issuing receipts and displaying goods for sale labeled in foreign languages, a local think-tank has revealed.

The Center for Trade Policy and Development said the practice had the potential to create an environment for tax evasion as it made difficult for the country’s revenue agency to collect taxes. (Daily Nation)
— Judges in Zambia are extremely overwhelmed by the number of cases which are cumulatively assigned to them, an a
ssociation of lawyers has said.

Eddie Mwitwa, president of the Law Association of Zambia, said judges handle up to about 400 cases at a given time. (News Diggers) Enditem


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