The following are news highlights in Zambia’s major media outlets on Sunday:

— Authorities in Zambia impounded 28 vehicles belonging to various ministries during an operation aimed at curbing abuse of government vehicles.
The operation, conducted by officials from the Ministry of Works and Supply led by Minister Felix Mutati, mounted road blocks in various parts of Lusaka, the country’s capital, and saw officers found driving without authorization fined. (Zambia Daily Mail)

— An organization involved in land issues in Zambia has urged the government to guard against foreigners buying huge tracts of land at cheap prices and reselling it to local people at inflated costs.

Zambia Land Alliance executive director Nsama Chikolwa said foreigners were buying land from the government cheaply and reselling it at a huge cost thereby making huge profits at the expense of the local people. (Times of Zambia)

— Zambian President Edgar Lungu said he will never respond to claims that he was a foreigner as doing so would be legitimizing the claims being perpetrated by some opposition leaders. (Daily Nation) Enditem


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