The Dangme areas improved on their votes for the New Patriotic Party last year especially the three Krobo blocks: Upper Manya, Lower Manya and Yilo-Krobo with one seat won for the first time in the political history of this country as my research predicted before the general elections.

It istherefore necessary that competent MMDCE’s are appointed to handle the affairs of these districts especially if the NPP wants to win more seats in 2020 which is likely especially in the Krobo blocks. But all depends on the caliber of people appointed to oversee these areas in the first one year before the general elections in 2018 for MMDCE’s as proposed by the NPP manifesto which must be fulfilled.

We have moved from the issue of ‘goats’ in the Dangme land to competence now in the Dangme areas. The Dangme lands are endowed with natural resources yet its indigenes are suffering. There is a big leadership crisis in the land which has accounted for lack of development

Appointing the right people will bring sanity, development, healthy competition and opportunity to all eligible constituents irrespective of their tribes, educational backgrounds, religion et al.

The issue of appointing the wrong people has really deprived the constituents a competent person to manage the affairs of the areas. Square pegs are placed in a round hole and most of the people who were appointed as MMDCE’s based on how he has suffered for the party and therefore needs compensation with such positions do not live up to expectations which has deprived the area of its developments.

People who also lobbied for most of these positions are not even qualified to man these positions but are given the nod partly because of their loyalty and contributions to the party the moment the party wins power. There are so many things to be done in the district.

Our people need portable water, development of our tourist sites, festivals, good schools etc. Bad roads graced motorists everywhere, unemployment rates are very high, high teenage pregnancies, social vices et al are the other of the day coupled with alleged financial malfeasance, inappropriate awards of contracts and right things not being done in most of these district assemblies I have been to during my work with Dangme news. It is therefore the time for sanity to be brought to the district in this new government.

I am therefore appealing to the President to consider the people first before anything as the constituents would determine whether you stay after 2020 or not. If the NPP wants to perform well in the 2020 elections then this is the time to appoint a competent people in these areas. MMDCE’s who are passionate about development in the district, who knows the in and out of the people, someone with a track records of job creation with good policies and implementation.

If the President and the NPP government make the mistake to appoint someone just to satisfy the Party for satisfactory sakes then they are in big trouble. People are looking for development in the area and it is not a child’s play.

Politic is a serious business and must be seen as such. It is not luxury but human needs. I therefore charged the NPP leadership to appoint someone competent for the people to enable development but not on basis of I have suffered for the party. What about if you suffered for the party and you are incompetent? I am happy the president has said money should be made at the private sector and not public sector.

Not my party is in power so it is a platform to make money. We mean business now in the district and not putting wrong people in a round hole in the district. A word to the wise is enough and I know the President will appoint a competent person to manage the district.

Also once the President has charged us to be citizens and not spectators, we also charged him to appoint competent people for us which in returns will benefit him in 2020. I rest my case!

By Dr. Raphael Nyarkotey Obu


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