Vocational Education and Training Authority (Veta)

The Vocational Education and Training Authority (VETA) Director of Labour Market, Planning and Development, Mr Enock Kibendela, told journalists during a briefing on the forthcoming VET week that increased demand for more centres was testimony to that. “Vocational training is certainly not for failures as was the perception a number of years ago.

When we started in 1994, we had a few registered institutions but this number is steadily increasing,” he said. Mr Kibendela explained that the primary objective of having an institution with the mandate of promoting and supervising vocational training was to ensure that those enrolled at the centres were capable and employable.

He expressed pleasure with the nature of the industries. Nearly 80 to 90 per cent of the employees need vocational training, meaning that over the years there has been need to expand the area to meet the demands but inadequate funding and rapid technological advancements were a hindrance.

“We would certainly like to extend our services to all districts as we have done at the regional level but operational costs are very high,” he said. The VETA Director of Assessment and Certification, Mr Geoffrey Sabuni, admitted that rapid technological advancement that some industries have as compared to what students were taught with, was a challenge but it was being dealt with.

Mr Sabuni explained that the authority has started partnering and attaching both students and staff in a number of companies in the country such that both keep abreast with what is new in the market. He also revealed that to meet labour demands before curriculums are made, extensive research is conducted and market monitoring is always done to ensure effective production.

VETA has recently drawn up a five-year strategic plan to start incubators in each zone of the country to ensure easy access to people capable and employable. The Vocational Education Training week will be held at national level in Tanga between March 18 and 23, 2012.

Its opening will be done by the Vice-President, Dr Mohamed Gharib Bilal. The training will give the public an opportunity to see the products at display, and stakeholders to give their views as VETA gets the opportunity to promote their image.

By MASEMBE TAMBWE, Tanzania Daily News


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