Apple may be testing iPhone with 1GB of RAM


9 to 5 Mac has found references to an “iPod5,1” in an internal iOS 5.1 build, suggesting that the current iPod touch (known as iPod4,1) will see some changes. Apple last refreshed the portable music player in September 2010 — the iPod touch announced at iPhone 4S keynote in October 2011 was the same as its predecessor save for a lower price point and a white color.

There aren’t any specifics, but it seems likely that Apple will update the iPod touch’s processor from its current A4 chip to help it handle games designed for the newest iPhone, and maybe there’s a hardware redesign in the works, too. 9 to 5 Mac’s sources also report that Apple is internally testing an iPhone with 1GB of RAM and a modified version of the new iPad’s A5X processor.

The internal model is said to be a prototype unit that shares the same casing as the iPhone 4S, though it’s reported that the final model will see a long-awaited hardware redesign.

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