“When Obour came to office he use to listen but at some point he stopped listing and was concentrating on how to shine and my problem is, if he continues with that attitude. We said so many things which he listened and acted according but the most important ones, he neglected”.


“The Obour administration neglected regions and I have toured the regions and they have complained and are ready for a change, siting an example, he stated that the union needed to groom the grassroots by unleashing talents, but is concerned with talents in the capital”.

Commenting on if his quest to contest Obour would not going to die off in the long run, Appietus exclaimed “is Obour God? No. the union is not his personal business or property, I did not risk my life to tour the regions and step down for Obour, the union is for all of us so if one finds out something is going wrong we have the right to step in and help build the union”.

“I will even lose respect from people who had faith in me with my 20 years career I will not compromise that at all. I will never step down because I have detected the faults in the union and am ready to correct and built it up right he added”.

He however warned Ambolley once again to throw his dreams of placing a court injunction on the congress away.
“If Ambolley puts an injunction on this election then he is helping Obour maintain the presidency. If the injunction is for 3months or more, he will still be the president of the union.

So he should gather a solid manifesto, let’s go to the congress and make sure we convince the delegates and get Obour out, this is what will help not a court injunction”.

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