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In an interview with Football Italia on Sunday, Kevin Prince Boateng denied accusations that he had insulted the coach. He said: ?I was in a game between ranks and turned to Muntari, asking him if he was the referee. The Coach thought I was talking to him and that I?d said something offensive. At that point, he started insulting me in front of everyone, despite the fact both I and Sulley had tried to explain the situation. All the other players heard.?

?I think Appiah had a problem with me and was only looking for a reason to send me away. To be honest, I was thrown out.? ?Why did he send me away on Thursday if the incident in question happened the previous Sunday? I can?t explain it. If I?d really done something wrong, why not take action on Monday??

Kevin Prince Boateng said in the interview that, the real reason he was kicked out was because he asked the GFA president-Kwesi Nyantakyi where the players? money given to them by FIFA had gone.

Boateng said: ?I think it is really because I met with the President of the GFA for 20 minutes and asked where the money from FIFA had gone.

?Everyone seems to think we live the high life. Obviously we are honoured to play for the National team, but the way we travel and our hotels? I don?t think they?re spending money for our journeys.

?I simply wanted to know where the money given to us by FIFA was going. If you look at the other teams, they can bring their families along, but for us it was a horrible experience.

?This is why we went out, as we only earned one point and it was impossible to do better in those circumstances.?


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