The two tech giants have been involved in a global dispute over patent rights

The United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has ordered a lower court to review a sales bar against Samsung?s Galaxy Tab 10.1 won by Apple in a legal battle with the South Korean electronics producer.

This order comes after a month long trial which saw Apple claim a resounding victory with Samsung ordered to pay a sum of $1.05 billion for a rip off  of the innovative technology used by apple to create its revolutionary iPhone and iPad.

On the other hand, Samsung argued that the sales ban on the tablet should be lifted but the jury discovered that Samsung had not discredit the patent that was the foundation for the ruling. For this reason, U.S District Judge, Lucy Koh said she could not act on what Samsung previously appealed. 

Rumours that the South Korean company is ready to announce a second generation model of the successful Galaxy Tab 10.1 have filtered the internet and Samsung is said to be eager to have the ban lift as it affects sells bearing the holiday shopping period in mind. 

The world?s famous two smartphone manufacturers are locked in patent disagreement in 10 countries as they fight to control the rewarding market, which is rising fast.

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