Apostle Richard Kwami Adanu
Apostle Richard Kwami Adanu

Apostle Richard Kwami Adanu, the first Vice Chairman, Great Commission Church International (GCCI), has urged Christians to emulate Jesus, the Son of God, in spiritual growth, humility, faithfulness and in commitment towards God’s purpose.

He said Jesus is Lord over everything, including; human beings themselves and everything they have; hence, “there is therefore the need to submit to this Lordship in every aspect of our lives”.

Apostle Adanu made the call in his homily at the on-going Zonal Easter Convention of GCCI at Mafi-Kumase in the Central Tongu District of the Volta Region.

The four-day Easter Convention is on the theme “Imitating Christ Jesus”.

“All should see themselves as stewards of whatever they have. A steward is required to be faithful in his use of all that have been entrusted to him and his relationship with his master. This include the environment as well, and we should take good care of it,” he said.

“As followers of Jesus, Christians need to be humble, meek and peace loving no matter their status and position in life,” he added.

He urged Christians to be resolute in their quest to propagate the gospel of Jesus Christ; declaring that “We should not keep quiet about Jesus at all in spite of the efforts being made by people who do not love our Lord”.

“Christians are being persecuted in many parts of the world by various people. Those who do not know God or have refused to acknowledge him and so are following all kinds of very wrong ideas are doing everything to gag Christians so they cannot express their faith and speak about their Lord and the Saviour of the world.”

Apostle Adanu, who is also the Volta A, Regional Pastor of GCCI, said Ministers of God, who are projecting themselves and not Jesus need to stop that and draw attention to Jesus and not themselves.
“If they do it well, allowing Jesus to work with them like the ass allowed Jesus to ride on it, Jesus himself will project them,” he said.

He explained that in the Bible, when Joshua, the man of God faithfully followed God’s commandment, God began to magnify him before his people.

“The self-aggrandizement among certain so called men of God these days is just too much. That is not the way to be great. They should learn to obey God and do his will instead, the Vice Chairman stated.


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