APGA Ambassador?has described as ?unfortunate?, the statement?credited to?the?All Progressives Congress (APC) on the 72 human cargoes,dropped at Onitsha by the?agents of Lagos State Government.

Gov.-Babatunde-Raji-FasholaIn a statement issued in Awka yesterday by its leader, ?Mr.Hilary Ejesieme ? ? said that careful perusal of APC?s statement shows?that it was a rehearsal of what those trying desperately to defend the actions ?of Lagos State?Government?had already said, betraying the fact that?they?merely?voice what they have been asked to voice, without seeking the truth.
?The moment these human cargoes were off-loaded at Upper Iweka, a Human?Rights group that got wind of it alerted us. We arrived there at 6:15?am?only to see over 20 of them at Upper Iweka. Upon?enquiry, we collaborated?the information we received,namely that?many of them had already left for their various States?and some?back to Lagos. ?It was?confirmed that there?were 72 of them,? APGA ?Ambassadors said
APGA?Ambassadors?said it was wrong for APC to drag the name?of the Governor into the saga, remarking that?Obi himself, who is worried over the leakage of the letter to the Press, had?come out to say that he had the greatest respect for Gov. Babatunde Fashola (SAN) and had also called him on phone over the matter.
Dwelling?further?on the dumping?at Upper Iweka, APGA?Ambassadors?said the act raised some fundamental questions, of why, for whatever reason, Nigerians should be treated like common criminals in their own country; why the dumping had to be at?2am?and not at a normal time; why they?were?dumped at?Onitsha?and not Awka?the State capital. ?APGA ?Ambassadors?contended that the recent dumping was not the first time such a thing?would take?place.
?The position of APC on the entire matter is quite perplexing and shows how the?partyregards?and treats?the Igbos. Everywhere in the World, from the USA to Europe, there are still?beggars?on the Streets and nowhere are they treated like common criminals without rights. All that Obi did in this?case,?was to say it was wrong to treat Nigerians in such?a cavalier?manner as the authorities in Lagos did,??APGA ??Ambassadors?said.
On the documents being flaunted by Lagos State Government, the statement added thatcontrary to the claims by APC that?it was the failure of?Anambra State to act when notified about the development that led to the dumping of those people, the?statement said that investigations showed?that Anambra State?Liaison Office, ?Lagos, reacted to the letter written by?the Special Adviser,?Lagos State?Ministry of?Youth?& Social Development and?requested names and identity of those to be deported and?that there was no information from Lagos regarding the actual deportation.
The statement said that it was a matter of grave concern that the names?provided by Lagos State?as people from?Anambra were?mostly names?foreign to Anambra?State?such as Andy Oshornogor, Emmanuel Okon, Joseph Eto, Victoria Agboola. It equally noted that names provided as Local governments?of origin of those people such as Ikanu, Ogbosili, Obudu were not known to?Anambra?State.
Also contrary to the claims of Lagos that only 14 persons were dumped, SSS report has over 20 names which they met at the scene after?some?of them had left.
To betray their?motive, APGA ?Ambassadors?further said?the people were?brought?under the cover of the night with clear intention of dumping them incognito and that luck simply ran out?of?them.
On the claim that Anambra deported some beggars from the state in 2011, the statement said it was not true, but only a ploy to present Anambra as equally disdainful of Nigerians. It also said that obi had no reason to act for political reasons as he is currently serving out his second term and will not contest the forthcoming election
Concluding, APGA?Ambassadors?wondered why?Lagos?State?taxes?rich Igbo?people in the State to keep the State going only to treat the poor ones with utmost disdain.
It codenamed in strongest terms the antics of Igbos who, according to the statement, have clearly proved to be agents for the enslavement of their people in the APC and who are being used to justify a n act that was ignoble and condemnable.
Mazi Odera


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