Henry Omunu, Abuja
The Nigeria Posterity Project has accused the All Progressives Congress, APC, of instigating the incessant attacks on President Goodluck Jonathan?s campaign team. Describing the attacks on the PDP campaign team in Sokoto, Katsina, Bauchi states as barbaric, despicable, provocative and condemnable, National Coordinator, Louis Ebodaghe in a statement in Abuja, said the APC is using its youth wings in the North to heat up the political climate in a deliberate attempt to frustrate other political parties ?from freely, and legitimately canvassing for votes in the region. ??The orchestrated attacks Mr. Ebodaghe added show the APC?s desperate and vile attempt to wrest power from the People?s Democratic Party, PDP, by all means.
?The use of inflammatory language by the APC coupled with these attacks in our opinion is a clear demonstration of their promotion of the culture of violence, intimidation and intolerance. ??????????Also, these provocative actions by the APC simply show the vile and desperate attempt of the party to win at all costs in the forthcoming general elections.
?We want to make it clear that elections are won on the strength of performances and superior arguments and not the intimidation, harassment, blackmail and labeling of perceived opponents,? he said. According to the group, the repeated attacks on the president are an affront on democracy and a breach of the peace pact entered into by the political parties and their candidates.
The group therefore implored the APC and its leaders to call their agents and supporters to order in the interest of peace and the survival of the nation?s democracy. ?It further advised the opposition to desist from their desperation to gain political power at all cost, cease their unwarranted attacks on the person of Mr. President and the PDP presidential campaign team and allow a level playing ground for electioneering campaigns to enable Nigerians decide leaders of their choice.
Ebodaghe maintained that no amount of intimidation, harassment or provocation by any group or section of the society will deter the PDP and its presidential candidate from delivering their message of hope, progress and transformation to the good people of Nigeria


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