General Muhammadu Buhari
General Muhammadu Buhari

…., Character Assassination on Buhari

From. Sadiq abubakar Maiduguri


General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd)
General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd)

APC Chieftain Alhaji Babagana Masa Monguno has criticized the manner PDP Presidential Campaign team has been carrying its campaigns? directly on the? personality and character of the Presidential Candidate of the APC? General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) upon the Memorandum of Understanding MOU on peaceful campaigns and election they? all signed.
He also condemned the style of political campaign of calumny and character assassination of the PDP Presidential campaign team particularly President Jonathan who even signed the MOU and is currently the President of Nigeria upon the preaching of peace and condemnation of political conflicts and violence on radio and television across the country.
Speaking to our correspondent yesterday in an interview on possible peaceful election next month, he said “President Jonathan has failed the nation security wise and socio economically as well as politically? since he took over the leadership of the country from late President Umar Musa Yar’Adua”
According to him, President Goodluck supposed to rather apologise to Nigerians and international community for long instead of shamefully going about the country today using the federal government machinery and resources sharing money and vehicles to people in the name of campaign because it is too late.
“Nigerians are today enlightened and more aware of what has happened and is happening. All the atrocities, all the hidden agenda, all the hatred, all the betrayals, all the sponsorship and misuse of public funds have been exposed even the soldiers at the field are fully aware of what is going on under the carpet”, Monguno said.
He charged the presidential teams to discuss and carry out their campaigns issue based? instead of character assassination and campaign of calumny pointing out that there is nothing left in the cupboard that Nigerians do not know about the leadership of the country and Jonathan
“Leadership of this county everybody know very well even President Goodluck knows himself that he can not rule this county and this county is to big for him. This county needs an energetic and non sentimental, biased, very honest and sincere person that has the experience and will to patriotically execute projects and programs that are people oriented transparently”.
“We can not continue to live in a situation where no salary, no allowance, no hospital, non drugs, no food , no road no employment, no respect for our traditional rulers” “Everything have collapsed, industries grounded, roads unmotorable and turned death traps all these years, the military no equipment, no salary, no allowances, same thing goes to the police, immigration, customs and corruption has completely been the order of the day since Jonathan Goodluck assumed office. ”
“Does he wants to kill everybody in this country before he leaves the office or what does he want that he has not acquired since he assumed office.”
“Using government media outfit and sponsoring non governmental and governmental organizations, clubs and associations to criticise Buhari anti corruption drive or send hired killers or assassins after Buhari anywhere will not stop Buhari from taking over the leadership of the country Insha Allah because Nigerians have spoken and are tired of Goodluck Jonathan.”
“He has been abandoned already. All those supporting him or calling on people to vote Jonathan are only justify the money and gifts he has been givng them not that they like what he is doing or his administration. It is time for reality not gimmicks or deceit”.
“It is over even the armed forces are tired not even the politicians,? students, civil servants, business men and women, the media and international community are all tired of the administration of Jonathan Goodluck and he knows that very well except that if people like him are in such office,? they do not want to leave the office easily for the sake of lack of transparency, honesty, patriotism, love and fear of God”.
“There is an end to everything and one will account for whatever he or she has done in the past at the end of the tunnel”, Monguno added.
He however appealed for peaceful campaigns and elections while urging INEC to live up to expectation of Nigerians not the federal government pointing out that past experiences of INEC should be its guiding principles for a free and? fair election that will be acceptable to all Nigerians and the international community.
Alhaji Babagana? also commerded Buhari for his focused style of campaign of issues concerning or affecting the large majority of Nigerian poor masses everywhere he goes without any calumny and character assassination. “This shows he is a man of integrity and highly respected status in the society who has no house abroad, no flashy cars, lives a decent life”.


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