Minister of Health, Alex Segbefia
Minister of Health, Alex Segbefia

Mr Benjamin Aggrey, District Director of Health, told the Ghana News Agency after a brief sensitization programme organized by the District Health Administration (DHA) in the community that the people had many cattle and some of them died in December last year, and were consumed but did not fall sick.

Minister of Health, Alex Segbefia
Minister of Health, Alex Segbefia

However, on March 1, when the animals fell sick again some people ate the meat and
afterwards showed symptoms of anthrax.

Mr Aggrey said investigations by the DHA revealed that the deaths were caused by the disease.

He said medicines were dispatched to the area on Monday to cater for about 30 people
including the two families of the deceased who consumed the carcasses, to prevent further

The Director advised the chief and people to desist from eating the meat of dead animals
without proper examination by veterinary officers.

The Assembly man of the area, Mr Elisha Asoswuni, said the animals of five farmers were
affected, one losing eight cattle and 16 sheep.

Naba Ramson Anamor Akotam II, Divisional Chief of the area, commended the prompt response of the Health Directorate and said he would personally disseminate the information to his people.

Mr Alhassan Iddi, the District Veterinary Officer, said only one community had so far been affected but the technical officers were in the area to assess the situation, while they awaited vaccines for the animals.

Source: GNA


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