Anthony Abayifa Karbo
Anthony Abayifa Karbo

The opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) has finally responded to what it considers to be lies being churned out from the office of President John Dramani Mahama.

Anthony Abayifa Karbo
Anthony Abayifa Karbo

It follows claims by communications specialist to the president, Samuel George Nettey, that Alhaji Mohammed Dawood ? who has been arrested in connection with the Nayele Ametefeh aka Ruby Adu Gyamfi?s 12.5kg cocaine bust at the Heathrow Airport in London ? ?was a member of the NPP.

Dawood is believed to have facilitated the move which enabled Ruby and her two friends to use the VVIP lounge at the Kotoka International Airport ? a place reserved for the President of the Republic, his ministers and other very important persons when travelling outside the country and on their arrival from other countries.

In a statement, deputy communications director of the NPP, Anthony Abayifa Karbo, said ?We wish to focus the president?s attention to the ongoing Nayele Ametefeh ?cocaine scandal? and the lies which have come out of the presidency itself.?


In what he described as a desperate attempt by the presidency to forcibly and falsely drag the NPP into a problem created by the authorities themselves, Karbo, who was a former National Youth Organiser of the opposition party, indicated that ?Some people have been paid to go out to do just that? with specific reference to Sam George who the statement said ?has been given a special assignment by the presidency to by all means pull the NPP into this matter.?

For him, ?This is just evidence that in John Dramani Mahama we have a leader without ideas or solutions for the problems facing the country; a leader who still believes that he can continue to use lies and propaganda to deceive the good people of Ghana. This is an

Irresponsible and nasty form of governance.?

?In the past few days the young man has been on a lying spree spreading all manner of lies, even though he continues to be exposed by the facts,? Karbo noted, insisting ?It is a mark of the kind of leadership of His Excellency John Dramani Mahama that he will continue to make Samuel George his main frontline spokesperson when repeatedly Sam George is exposed to be a liar.?

Sam George had earlier claimed that Alhaji Dawood worked with KELM Engineering, which he said was one of the contractors used by the NPP administration in the construction of the Jubilee House (Flagstaff House) ? the current seat of government ? and was a financier of the NPP.


His claim has since proven to be false since management of the said company had denied the assertion with an explanation that KELM was set up in 2009, when the NDC was in power and, therefore, could not have worked on the Jubilee House under the NPP administration as claimed by Sam George since the NPP left office on January 7, 2009.

Aside that, it has emerged that Dawood only joined the KELM in December 2013 and left this year.

In view of this, Karbo said, ?The president cannot pretend he is not aware of the deliberate lies being spewed in his name by the likes of Sam George. It is a mark of dishonesty on the part of the first gentleman of the land.?


He therefore asked the presidency to be focused on ?dealing with the actual issues of drugs being carted through diplomatic access (whether VVIP or VIP) and stop paying and encouraging shameless propagandists to lie about the opposition and other institutions.?

?Mr President, if you are indeed decent then do the decent thing by distancing yourself from the lies of Sam George?, he said whiles charging, ?The president must once and for all demonstrate to the ordinary Ghanaian that he has the capacity or potential to take his own words seriously.?

By Charles Takyi-Boadu


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