Onyame Somafo Yaw

By: Robert Ayanful& Mabel Daniels

The man of God who is perceived by many as the Promised Messiah to the world after the great Prophets, because of his teachings, healing power and ability to cast out demons has surfaced in Ghana.

Onyame Somafo Yaw
Onyame Somafo Yaw

Only referred to as Onyame Somafo Yaw, he is located in the Central Region of Ghana in a camp called Asomdwee, Ntontom, NkabomSom [meaning Religion of Peace, Exaltation and Unity] on the Apam junction-Apam road, where people from all walks of life troop to Every Thursday and Sunday to receive solution to their spiritual problems and healing.

When Newsghana caught up with him to ascertain the claim by the public that he is the promised Messiah, the 62 year-old man of God who only wants to be called Onyame Somafo Yaw, because according to him, none of the Prophets used two names revealed that he was given the healing power from birth, but began to realized it at a tender age of 7 when he always saw a furnace of fire surrounding him anywhere he went, and a voice telling not to be afraid, as wherever he put his feet will be given to him as possession.
Thinking that it was a normal thing with every human being, Onyame Somafo Yaw he used to play with the fire, until he came of age after his thirty years as a mechanic that the voiced came to him again, telling him ?now is the time to do My work.?
As if possessed by the Holy Spirit, Onyame Somafo Yaw prophesied that Ghana?s problems are as a result of the neglect of God by the country?s forefathers to worship other gods brought along with them from Eastern Part of the Africa when they were migrating to the gold coast, now present day Ghana.
Giving a biblical history of the events leading to the migration, Onyame Somafo Yaw pointed out that after settling with their brother Nimrod because of the bad nature of the people surrounding their place of habitation, God instructed the people, now Ghanaians who were led by the 18thProphet called Kan to move to a place he has prepared for them where milk and honey flows on the land, then gold coast, which is Ghana, where all natural resources abound.
According to him, the people embarked on the a journey with a stool occupied by the Holy Spirit, symbolizing the presence of God among them, but during the death of Prophets Kan on their Journey, but upon reaching East Africa, his successor who was the 19thKan decided to go for protection from a god,because of the murmuring of the people.
He pointed out that that has remained the reason why Ghanaians pour libation, calling on the name of God, and thanking the ancestral gods for protecting them and giving them long life during the year.
He said God is a jealous God who never shares His glory with anybody, and therefore the action by the people turns to infuriate Him, leading to the many problems confronting the nation, because of their covenant with lesser gods.
According to him, there are three nations in the world that are blessed because they are dear to the heart of God, and these he disclosed are Israel, Saudi Arabia and Ghana.
But he stressed that until Ghanaians begin to realize their mistake and turn away from idol worshipping, the people will never realize the blessings God promised the land.
He said over ninety percent of the problems confronting Ghana-accidents, mishaps, untimely death, diseases and the rest a caused by these gods to pacify their covenant with the people.
He assured that God has promised sending another Messiah after, who would not born of a woman, and will appear in the Eastern part of the world at the age of 55 to fulfill the mission of God in the world.


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