The 3rd Cross-Border Meeting on Sleeping Sickness (trypanosomiasis) will take place from 8 to 9 May in the Angolan capital Luanda, the Institute for Combat and Control of Trypanosomiasis (ICCT) announced Thursday in Luanda.

The meeting will also gather representatives from the Republic of Congo and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Paulo Makana, Head of Department of the ICCT, said that the event will assess the activities carried out in the three countries concerning the implementation of the new diagnostic techniques, such as the quick tests and molecular biology with the use of light microscope.

The diagnosis with molecular biology consists of the rapid detection of trypanosomiasis in the blood, with a new model of a light microscope.

The implementation of these techniques is part of a project funded by the International Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics to help the three countries fight the Sleeping Sickness.

A screening campaign of the disease took place in Angola from April 12 to May 2, having diagnosed 18 positive cases in the provinces of Luanda, Bengo, Cuanza Norte, Malanje and Uíge.

At least 4,000 people have been examined during the campaign. Enditem


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