ornamental rocks
ornamental rocks

Angola will on Thursday host the first international conference and ornamental rocks exhibition in central Huila province, the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Petroleum said on Tuesday.

Under the motto of “ornamental rocks a growing sector”, the meeting will be organized by Angola’s Ministry of Mineral Resources and Petroleum and attended by investors, banking institutions and representatives of the mining sector.

Invited guests from Europe and Asia will discuss issues related to new geological cartography of southern region of Angola, a location of huge ornamental rocks potential and mining investment for national and foreigners.

The aim of the event is to encourage investors of ornamental rocks sub-sector such as equipment and extraction material suppliers to invest in Angola with view to spread the country’s geological mining potential, the mineral ministry said.

The meeting is also expected to sort out procurement hardships faced by mining operators, so new cooperation areas will be introduced for investments and business opportunities in several fields such as internal and external architecture, manufacturing and trade of supportive equipment for mining extraction and rocks transformation.

Huila province has currently 28 firms operating in the extraction of mineral resources, the region’s ornamental rocks output is expected to increase from 22,450 cubic meters to 93,743 cubic meters by 2024 with launching of nine new mining operators. Enditem


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