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You recall that actor, Brad Pitt recently made headlines after a mysterious bruise was spotted on his face. Well, he was reportedly caught cheating on his wife, leading an angry Angelina Jolie beat him up and give him that mark.

When Brad was spotted with a black and blue mark underneath his eye, rumours began to swirl as to the source of the mark. Brad has to remark about the bruise when he appeared at a charity event. He said:

?This is what happens when you try to run up steps in the dark, with your arms full, wearing flip flops. Turns out if you then try to stop your forward momentum with your face, the result is road rash.?

?Regardless, I wasn?t going to miss the Autism Speaks benefit the night after ? wonderful people and I was honored to be a part of this important event.?

Sorry Brad, there is a new explanation circulating. According to InTouch Weekly, Angelina Jolie caught Brad Pitt in bed with another woman, leading to ?the fight to end all fights.?:

?Apparently, the ?incident? happened in Brad and Angelina?s home, and Angelina made Brad ?pay? when he found out. Plus, Brad has apparently been hiding ?secrets? for months, supposedly to do with this cheating, and they then had a ?fight to end all fights.??

However, this isn?t the first time InTouch Weekly would be reporting on infidelity between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Last year, the magazine reported that Angelina was caught cheating with her Unbroken co-star Jack O?Connell.

A source told In Touch Weekly that Angelina was initially just trying to make Brad jealous, but then started to develop real feelings for O?Connell. The source went on to claim that Brad so angry with Angelina?s cheating, especially in such a public way.

Neither Angelina Jolie nor Brad Pitt have addressed the latest cheating reports so its safe to call it a rumour.


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