image005Has Andy Dick fallen off the wagon again? ?New photos exclusively obtained by?Life & Style?show a disheveled Andy Dick walking into an LA 7-Eleven on March 12, and a witness shares with the mag that the star appeared to be intoxicated.?

?He seemed drunk,? the eyewitness reveals to?Life & Style. ?Someone was helping him walk across Cahuenga Boulevard and they went into a 7-Eleven. He could not stand up straight!?

Once inside the store, things went downhill, according to the eyewitness. ?Andy was yelling, ?I?m too drunk to grab an egg-salad sandwich. I want an egg-salad sandwich, I?m so f— ing hungry!?” the witness shares. “Andy?s friend paid for the sandwiches and then they sat on the curb together to eat them. It was a sad sight.?

Comedian Andy Dick, 48, proclaimed that he was sober during his 2013 stint on?Dancing With the Stars.?



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