Android is an operating system for smartphones, Netbooks and Tablets that uses a Linux based operating system. Android phones are very popular all over the world. Basically, a phone that uses Android operating system is called as Android phones. An Android phones incorporates so many advanced features including an ability to click thousands of pictures and videos. All the captured videos and pictures on an Android phones gets stored on the phone memory card. An Android memory can store huge amount of data. But, like every other storage media an Android phone memory card is also prone to corruption and thus leads user to data loss. The images or videos on an Android phone may gets lost or deleted due to the following reasons:Virus infectionAccidental formatting or deletion of data Corruption in memory cardMishandling of the phone or any other human issue                Now, in order to recover data safely from the Android phone it is very important that user should not use a SIM card from the market to recover the data as there is one in million chance that the card will work right to get back lost data. And, in worst case user loses the data completely. However, an easiest way to restore lost images and video on an Android phone is to use a backup file created earlier. The backup files are very helpful in any data loss situation. But, in case the backup fails or user forgets to update the backup file then there is available a professional image recovery software to quickly and safely recover the lost images from any Android device, camera memory card, external drive, computer system or any other media. The tool also supports recovery of images with formats as jpg, jpeg, gif, png and many more. Any user can easily use this tool without requiring any help of a professional.    

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