African Network for Animal Welfare (ANAW) has been launched successfully in Accra as part of efforts to help champion the cause of animals in Africa.

ANAW will work assiduously to engage and mobilize all stakeholders especially the government and all animal lovers to canvas for proper and definite legislation and policies on Animal Welfare.


Speaking at the launching ceremony in Accra, the Chairman of African Network for Animal Welfare (ANAW) Hon. Stephen Attatsi, noted that in Ghana and in most African Countries there is no appropriate platform, legislation and policy on Animal Welfare.

This he said, records shown that African countries especially the East African countries such as : Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania including some Southern countries like ; South Africa and Namibia have made tremendous strides in that regard by enacting eloquent Acts of Parliament to deal with Animal Welfare.

According to him, the United Kingdom is the first country in the world to implement laws protecting animals.
It is on record that in 1822 Act to prevent the cruel and improper treatment of cattle was passed by the British Parliament.

The UK government has publicly stated that animals are sentient beings and mere commodities and has in unequivocal terms confirmed its commitment to the highest possible standards to support and protect animals.

The first general animal protection law in the UK, called the Protection of Animals Act, was introduced in 1911 and has gone through several updates and reviews since.

Hon. Stephen Attatsi, however underscored the need for Ghana to join forces with the global world community to give it much more attention by putting in place the necessary structures and institutions like ANAW and the appropriate legislations and policies to help champion the warfare of all animals.

It is envisaged that all Animals lovers and Animal Welfare Activists, Animal breeders, Researchers and pet owners, will actively collaborate with ANAW to enable it come to reality.

Should this vision be achieved, then ANAW can boast of the following benefits
• Serve as a one stop shop for all Animal Warfare issues.
• Serve as a focal point to discuss and share issues on Animal Welfare.
• Serve as a platform to coordinate matters regarding Animals Welfare including the following :

1. Animal Vaccines and consumables
2. Animals medication
3. Transportation
4. Cross –Breeding
5. General Animal health among others.

Hon. Stephen Attatsi, therefore called on all and sundry especially the government to support ANAW in order to champion the cause of Animal Welfare in Ghana and beyond.


  1. Animals and plants are part of the human society. Therefore, the need for their welfare is equally paramount.


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