A swift reaction by the Tamale police led to the rescue of Ishmael Hussein, a member of Tiger Eye PI who is now in the custody of the police. One of the kidnappers has also been arrested with scores of others bolting.


He was kidnapped by unknown persons early Saturday morning.It was not clear the motive for the seizure of Hussein but there were fears it may be linked to the recent bribery scandal that has hit the judiciary.

Hussein was part of the crack team of undercover investigators who have brought Ghana’s judiciary under scrutiny.
Over 30 judges from the high and lower courts, over 100 court clerks, state attorneys and personnel from the police service have been captured on camera taking bribes to subvert the course of justice.

Seven of the High court judges have been suspended pending the conclusion of judicial process by a committee set up by the Chief Justice.

Some 22 of the lower court judges have also been suspended after a prima facie case was established against them.
The legal processes have begun with Anas and his team of investigators submitting themselves to cross examination by the accused persons.

It was feared the seizure of Ishmael Hussein which was announced on Joy FM’s Newsfile programme by Samson Lardy Anyenini could jeorpardize the process.

However minutes after the kidnap was announced the Tamale Police went into a rescue mission and were able to free the investigator.

Investigations have begun to ascertain the reason for the kidnap and who are involved.

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