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Africa Investigates is a documentary series that gives some of Africa’s best journalists the opportunity to pursue high-level investigative targets across the continent – using their unique perspective and local knowledge to put corruption, exploitation and abuse under the spotlight. The series is produced by Insight TWI and commissioned by the Al Jazeera International news network.

Africa Investigates was conceived by award winning African journalists and investigators Sorious Samura and Anas Aremeyaw Anas together with Diarmuid Jeffreys of Al Jazeera and Ron McCullagh of Insight News TV (now Insight TWI: The World Investigates).

All too often in the past, African reporters have not been able to pursue wrongdoing because it involves powerful figures who wield undue influence over local media – financial, corporate or political – or because it is simply too dangerous. Investigative journalism is a perilous profession in many African nations, where intimidation, beatings, imprisonment and death threats can be an occupational hazard. As a result they have often had to sit idly by while Africa’s story has been told by Western correspondents, “parachuted in” for the purpose, who reinforce stereotypical views about African people and their supposed inability to face up to and solve their own problems.

It is this trend that Africa Investigates seeks to correct.

Since the launch of the first series in 2011, Africa Investigates has empowered African investigative journalists to produce impactful and award winning documentary films that have revealed the truth about corruption and abuse across the continent (See list of some notable films and synopsis attached).

Now in its third season, Africa Investigates seeks to empower even more African Investigative journalists to tackle the biggest and most important stories across the continent.

GhOne is a new addition to the EIB (Excellence in Broadcasting) family with the vision to become the premier Information and Communication Services Organization by leading our Market with a Global Perspective.

As the hub of news, current affairs and entertainment especially for the youth across the country, we are inspired to influence society positively hence our partnership with Insight TWI; The World Investigates and Al Jazeera International News Network in the broadcasting of one of the most sought after award winning documentary films that has revealed the truth about corruption and abuse across the continent.

At GhOne we are committed to serving our dear nation with quality news, current affairs and entertaining productions with the mindset of inspiring our viewers with thought provoking television content. In View of this GhOne Television is happy to partner with Insight TWI; The World Investigates and Al Jazeera International News Network to give Ghanaians the opportunity to view the Africa Investigate Documentary Film Series on GhOne Television.



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