The attention of the Dr. Ifeanyi Patrick Ubah Campaign Organization has been drawn to the Joint Statement “Anambra Governorship Poll & Its Campaigns So Far” by The Southeast Group 8 Rights Coalition, on the?November 16?governorship election. Of course, you stated the obvious that the Dr. Ifeanyi Patrick Ubah?s ?Labour Party is so far leading other four main parties in terms of peaceful governorship campaigns. No strong evidence has been obtained linking it to destruction and defacing of its opponents? bill boards and posters including those in its stronghold areas like Nnewi where its candidate comes from. Our checks in Nnewi areas indicate that most of the posters and bill boards of its opponents are left untouched?The party has not been linked to any physical disruption of campaigns of other political parties in any part of Anambra State or planting of jeering crowds in any rallies or campaigns organized by other parties?.
It actually goes beyond that. Dr. Ubah has greatly studied the issue of violence in Anambra state and decided long ago that he would introduce peace and justice into the state. He will work assiduously to correct the damage wanton crises and red-hot and widespread violence has done to Anambra state and to heal the gaping wound. Violence begets violence!
That is why Dr. Ubah has called on President Goodluck Jonathan to set up, as a matter of great urgency, a panel of inquiry to determine the cause of the stampede that took place in Uke and to punish the guilty, compensate the families of the dead and wounded and to take measures to ensure that such never happens again.
Unfortunately, this report has already taken positions on the Uke ?disaster? even without the benefit of a panel of inquiry?s report to listen to all sides of the story before arriving at a judicious conclusion. This is a tar on the otherwise good report.If one wanted to be mischievous, he could accuse the person writing this report is just out to save the All Parties Grand Alliance (APGA) from the public odium and anger facing it and both Governor Peter Obi and governorship candidate Willie Boy Obiano because of the Uke disaster.
There are some pertinent question which you refused to ask: was it right for Obi and Obiano and their party, APGA, as well as Dr. Chris Ngige and his All Peoples Congress (APC) ?to turn a night vigil to a campaign ground? What business has politics with the church? Is there nothing wrong with such politics? Are Obi and Obiano not directly connected with the tragedy where some fifty lives have been lost – the 30 that died on the spot and those that died in the hospitals? Is Ngige not remotely involved? What happened in Uke was just the climax of a terrible church politics – which you failed to condemn! It is clear that if Governor Obi and Obiano had left the worshipers all alone to adore their God (after all the venue is named “Adoration Centre”, no deaths would have been recorded that night).
Worst still, it has been claimed that Gov Obi’s and Obiano’s Police details shot tear-gas canisters that morning and thus caused the stampede. But that they went there at all for political campaign and began to deny it is unconscionable. Dr. Ubah highly condemns this and calls on President Jonathan to set up a panel of inquiry to look into that disaster so that the lives of Anambra people will not be wasted again as happened in Uke.
Another tar is this from the report: ?However, Labour Party is strongly accused of money and material inducement of members of the public especially the registered voters. Such material inducements include grading of some streets in the Ugwuagba area of Obosi in Idemmili North LGA of Anambra State and free distribution of premium motor spirit or fuel to selected members of the public?.
This is sad because the above has actually blighted your report. It is on record that Dr. Ubah?s philanthropy started well before he began nursed the thought of becoming the Anambra state Governor. ?The Kero Direct intervention, has been on since 2011 ? two years ago. Also, what takes place in Anambra ? the Kero Direct Intervention- obtains in 30 states of the Federation. So, as it goes beyond Anambra state, ?politics is not what informed it. Ubah?s compassion for the suffering masses did!
Now, the report strayed from the highway and into the bush with this item: ??It was also accused of involvement in the purchase of voters? cards especially in the riverine areas of the State where the poverty level still very high. Each voter?s card is reportedly sold for N5, 000. ? The party was mentioned as being involved in the importation of people from outside the State during the continuous voters exercise that took place two months ago with a view to mass-registering them as voters?.
Alas, the report failed to say who made the report, who investigated it and the findings unearthed. To pluck baseless attacks from Dr. Ubah?s political opponents and begin to treat them with the seriousness they do not deserve, is self-defeatist. Any politician who is losing ground and is sourly pressed to bring an opponent down could foist any allegation on the contender that is up, ahead and galloping away ? as Ubah is doing right now.
Yet, despite the little faults pointed out, please keep up your good work.


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