With the recent turn of events, the conduct of a certain individual or individuals has fallen into my focal point. I have only known of Sir John within the NPP quarters, and so, he is only known for his political involvement with the Npp. To the ordinary citizen, Sir John is a lawyer for the NPP. As a lawyer, he is expected to be a knowledgeable individual, but his conduct, or misconduct these past days leaves more to be desired! As a lawyer, I expected him to exhibit his command over the laws of this nation, and perhaps society! I guess, I stand to be corrected, in making this statement.

My greatest disappointment and shock, was when on Saturday, 8th December 2012, Sir John, acted in the capacity of the electoral commissioner, in declaring election results in the favour of his party! What lawlessness! What indiscipline! What impudence! Indeed, the laws of this nation are subtle and accommodating! That is the price of democracy! To my horror that day, Sir John announced concocted election results, and hence declared his party as the winner, when voting was still on-going, votes were still being counted, and compilations on-going! This is the greatest breach of law, and perhaps, the first coup some of us have ever encountered! By all standards, it was a coup! All he needed was a military uniform and his motives would have been clearer! Elsewhere, this crime would not have gone unpunished!

As if that is not enough, this same distinguished individual is still calling for chaos and lawlessness! How far would this continue? How far are our leaders prepared to go in the name of democracy? How much are our leaders prepared to sacrifice, in order to achieve their own selfish ambitions? Of course, this is selfishness! All they seek to achieve is their own selfish ambitions, so, to achieve that, they incite people! Rather unfortunately, and perhaps naively, our people are allowing themselves to be used and misled!

Arise o Ghanaian youth! Wise up! This letter is addressed particularly to Sir John! This is a call to order! As a custodian of the law, he should know better, and should advice better! The careless call-outs, announcements, and pronouncements would do the country no good! We are not at war! Instead of inciting other people?s children, he should perhaps start at home! What is he seeking to achieve? His selfish personal agenda is no sufficient ground to launch the country to war or set the country ablaze! He should accept defeat and move on!

In truth, the utterances, conducts, or misconducts of certain individuals within the Npp lead to the demise! The party is better off, without these individuals! They need a house-cleaning exercise, if they ever want to receive the consideration of Ghanaians in the years ahead! They ought to get their homework properly done next time! Most importantly, their bitterness and rage need not destroy their house and the country at large, in the end!

Anna Esi Hanson ([email protected]), Takoradi.


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