Your Excellency, Mr. President:
Re: In The Name Of Almighty God, Do not destroy our Judiciary through nocturnal interference; protect it from corrupt leaders and save our democracy.
The Akwa Ibom State Struggle:
We wish to raise our voice after being silent in the last 5 years watching from the ring side the most barbaric and corrupt regime under the leadership of Governor Godswill O. Akpabio which has held our land of promise hostage and siege at the expense of our hope and aspiration as a people who are noted to have been the pioneer in championing the demand for political self determination in Nigeria as far back as 1935.
By the grace of Almighty God, that dreams was actualized on the 23rd of September 1987 when the Babangida administration created Akwa Ibom State as the 21st State of Nigeria.
The next battle was the struggle for our economic emancipation, a battle which saw us through a fierce battle and agitation which led to the creation of derivation fund of 13% for the Niger Delta States in particular and other oil producing States in Nigeria. Unfortunately, what we have witnessed in the last 5 years has been a theatre of looting, corruption and insecurity. We have been denied every element of democracy as the government is totally intolerable to any contrary view.
Mr. President, if the security community has not made this information available to you, they do not wish this Nation well. Many illustrious sons and daughters have been sent to their untimely grave by the agents of the monstrous regime for opposing policy of government that are not in consonant with the aspirations of our people. Corruption has reached its highest crescendo in the history of Nigeria since independence of the Nation in 1960.
Our resources are squandered and wasted on frivolities at the expense of constructive development of the land and people. Today in Akwa Ibom State those who were at the lowest cadre of the economy using commercial motorcycling for their living have been robbed of their motorcycles which they were tricked to believe would be taken as deposit for Government sponsored tricycles scheme (KEKE-NAPEP). They ended up as losers as they neither received the KEKE-NAPEP nor their motorcycles. Today the KEKE-NAPEP operators have flooded the State from neigbouring States. There is total hunger and starvation in the State that collects the highest revenue from the Federation account. Funerals of untimely deaths also serve as the sources of free food for our peasant population.
Akpabio’s Vendetta against the President—Revisited:
1.     Mr. President, you must not forget that governor Godswill Akpabio in concert with other renegade governors of the Niger Delta, including Mr. James Ibori to mention but one, constituted a great stumbling block when by divine intervention it became necessary for what emerged as doctrine of necessity, which produced you as the Acting President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The amount of money wasted in that attempt was mind bugling even though the will of God eventually prevailed.
2.     Mr. President, during the oil subsidy removal crisis at the beginning of this year governor Akpabio openly indicted your administration when he told his audience in the State House that Nigeria did not need subsidy removal but meaningful development such as he was providing in Akwa Ibom State.
3.     We see this maverick politician as an opportunist that cannot wish anybody well including the President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
4.     Mr. President, Sir, in the same way he hobnobbed with the immediate past First Lady to work against the interest of Nigeria, Akpabio is diabolically using your wife in a demonic and very negative campaign against our people in Akwa Ibom State. It does not take an outsider to educate us on development supposed to have taken place in our State. The recent assemblage of First Ladies coordinated by our respected First Lady (your wife) was a demonic design to influence the Governorship election tribunal sitting in Uyo at that time. This is a great betrayal and a stab on the back of a sister State.
5.     On Wednesday, 2nd of May, 2012 we understand that governor Akpabio, who is a former participant in the Sani Abacha inglorious and despotic regime, led a team of what can pass for political vultures in the name of traditional rulers on his payroll and in the class of those who betrayed Ken Sarowiwa in Ogoni land, met and persuaded you to pervert the cause of justice over pending pre-election matter in the Court of Law in order for him (Akpabio) to perpetuate his criminal, murderous and junta style regime over our people.
Consequences and the People’s Opinion:
Mr. President, we make bold to state that if that negative approach yields a positive result in favour of Godswill Akpabio, we shall regard same as a direct attempt to deny us of our fundamental right to reject what is reject able and may be forced to take our destiny in our own hands the way oppressed people all over the world and known to have reacted when pushed to the wall.
It is not the best option particularly now that Boko Haram threat is having a field day in their desire to break up Nigeria in your time. Do not be seen to be encouraging corruption as you are saddled with a responsibility to build this country and promote her integrity within the international community.
We salute and appreciate the Right Hon. Chief Justice of Nigeria for rebuffing the inferior blackmail put together by the State in the ongoing conference of Magistrates in Uyo. The conference was hijacked from Asaba in Delta State to Uyo where a handsome package is said to have been prepared for the CJN in Dollars, all in the effort to rescue the corrupt governor from the possible doom of justice hanging over his head.
The Justice Salami saga has dented Nigeria enough and we must retrace our steps now.
Thank you Mr. President.
Yours faithfully,
 Dr. Kingsley Udonkang………………….…………………..President
Arch. Josiah Udonbong …………………………….Vice President
Obot Bassey Inuaeshiett……………………………..Secretary General
Mr. Rankin Ekpontak………………………………Publicity Secretary
Adulphus Uyobong………………………………….Treasurer

                                               14 Godwin Abbey Crescent Uyo, Akwa Ibom State Nigeria
                                                                     8th May, 201


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