Many people have made quite a bit of money online with affiliate marketing. However, the degree of success varies in individual marketers. Those who reach a higher level of success are the people who take action and make an effort at promoting their affiliate products. Even the best of the affiliate programs will not bring prosperity if they are not properly promoted and marketed. Understandably, those who put more effort into their campaigns will realize greater results.

It is not enough to put up a sales page even with the best banners or graphics and hope someone clicks on them and buys the product. The sales copy must convince the visitor to click the right link and go on to the merchant’s site to buy whatever is offered. If visitors are not convinced to click through to the business site, there will be no sales and no affiliate marketing income.

Design an Interesting Website

It is entirely possible to produce a full-time income working from home with affiliate marketing.

The first tool needed is a good website with a design that is colorful and interesting but not overpowering. Good information presented in a clear and pleasing way will keep the visitor on the page long enough to generate an interest in the product. A website full of flashing lights, pop-ups and streaming banners may distract and confuse visitors and cause them to leave the site. Studies confirm that in most cases, any site has about three seconds to capture a person’s attention and interest him or her enough to stay on the site.

The sales  page is your paper salesman and it must look clean, uncluttered and clearly state what it is you are offering.

This is the same principle as offline, when people want to see a salesman who is dressed  neatly and is courteous and informative without being pushy. Aiming for that same atmosphere on the website is just common sense. Check the site often to be sure it is working properly and update it when necessary.  

Use an Ad Tracker

Once the website is perfected and your affiliate marketing program is well planned, you will be ready to drive traffic to the site and make sales. Next, you will need to track the number of visitors and sales. All experienced affiliate marketers use a tool called an ad tracker. It is one key to realizing success in a marketing program. The tracker is marketing software that gives the ability to trace each click-through on your site.

An ad tracker also tracks sales for each affiliate program, as well as customers who came to the site through your referral links. This is a very handy tool for someone who works with several pay-per-click campaigns and a variety of affiliate programs. Tracking it all without the software would be a very time-consuming and tedious task. Using an ad tracker is necessary to determine just how successful any or all of your affiliate marketing programs are and if any should be discontinued in order to focus on those that are more effective.

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