Somali government’s army commander in Qoryoley, Ahmed Gabow Bule confirmed that the allied forces captured Mohamed Ali Gele, the militants’ commander who was operating in many areas in lower Shabelle region after long search for him.

Kenya“The joint forces captured Mohamed Ali Gele, Shabaab’s Commander for Qoyoley, Janale towns and many other villages in the region. We were looking for him for a period of time. We arrested him in a security operation which was conducted in the region,” Bule said.

“The police are questioning him; we will transfer him to the central government of Somalia after the investigation. This was a very successful operation that resulted in the arrest of one of the senior Al-Shabaab commanders,” he added.

Government and regional leaders said they are going to intensify more security operations against Al-Qaida linked group of Al-Shabaab across the Horn of Africa nation.

The group lost many key towns in south and central Somalia, but it still carries out deadly attacks in Somalia including the killing of Kenyan soldiers in Gedo region on Jan. 15 and attack on a beach restaurant in Mogadishu in late January. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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