Even though India is the country with the full of the cool and amazing climate with the superior vegetation, the North-western part of the country presents only dry climate. Just opposite to varying flora and fauna of country, Rajasthan confer desert vegetation to the world population. In spite of which, Rajasthan happened to be place that comes in the list of the important tourist places to be visited in India.

As it remained under the rule of Kings, large forts are accessible to see in the state, now these forts are transformed into the hotels so to give the chance to the tourists to live the life of emperors. One such fort is the Amet Haveli. It is the haveli, the traditional homes of the rulers and big merchants of state. The haveli finds the place in city of lakes, Udaipur. Even, it is located along the western banks of Lake Pichola.

The Haveli have the closer view with the Lake Place Hotel, City Palace and Old city View so as to fascinate the people with the classic values.  Besides, it also shows the nearest way to Mohan Mandir, Jagmandir, Lal Ghat, water gate and Aravali ranges.

Amet Haveli Udaipur submits the ancient tradition in each and every aspect in the modern style.  The hotel is designed to be serving the guests in sophisticated manner.  With their warm welcome itself, the guest mesmerizes and starts to think about their second visit.  You will be astonished to hear on the age of the Haveli, not just fifty or hundred. It is 350 years old, yet stands strong and firm and charming look of the haveli stills attracts the populaces from around the world. The rooms of the Amet Haveli now renovated to make it more chic and comfortable for the guests.  Gifting pleasing windows with the tiny glass covers and cushion seats offers the magnificent living to the guests.

When it comes to the foods no can take the place of tastier foods of Rajasthan origin.  For serving the guests their favorite food items, an open air restaurant has been opened in Amet Haveli Udaipur.

It is named as Ambrahi and got the noteworthy place for its delicious foods in the hearts of the guests.  The restaurant also opens an opportunity to enjoy the captivating views of old city and Lake Pichola while eating.  Further the restaurant of Ambrahi surprises with the guests in the nights with the hanging light set-ups from the tree. In addition to the Rajasthani foods, it also prepares the continental and Indian cuisines so as to make feel the guests comfortable with their eating.

Just take the pleasure of peaceful and serene surrounding with the water birds in the royal hotel of Amet Haveli.

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