Highly recognizable brands can be priceless, but they require a permanent attention. Their importance can rise or even fall because of state management decisions, changes in the competitive environment, and the beliefs that a brand has aged beyond its useful lifetime. Very often the precise causes of decrease in Marlboro smoking brand value are mistake and arrogance. A recent study investigated nine popular brands and it found that even the most powerful tobacco products cannot survive horrible government decisions. A brand obtains its value from several main factors. And the most evident being how much it can earn.

This is not the least evident with Marlboro — the best-selling smoking brand for its two owners, tobacco companies Philip Morris and Altria.

The companies have encouraged the cigarette brand through hundreds of millions of dollars of advertising and tobacco marketing support. The brand has brought out, adding other new versions. Today there are also Marlboro Lights, Marlboro Reds (which are larger than standard), and Marlboro Menthol. One new version of the brand is not enough, in the wisdom of its tobacco owners. The evolution of the brand has kept its customer base over the years, and probably added to it. The brands on this damaged brand list often rose based on lofty claims, and fell when those claims were not realized. For example, the Chevy Volt was meticulously engineered by GM to be its flagship car of the future. Then it had engine fire problems.

The Nokia Lumia 900 was built to compete with the Apple iPhone.

Just as it was introduced in the U.S. market, it was discovered to have software crack that could prevent data downloads. The Airbus A380 “super jumbo” was made to be the most advanced passenger jet in the world, until its wings began to crack also. For our main purposes, a brand doesn’t have to be a product or even a service. People also can be brands. Famous sports figures count on their images for large endorsements. Tiger Woods proved how swiftly a sports brand can be destroyed. A country can be a brand. Street violence in Jamaica in 2010 triggered a warning about travel to the island from the U.S. State Department. So, all of these brands are among the most widely recognized and consumed brands by America.

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