The Amen Scientific Herbal and Alternative Medical Hospital has marked the United Nations World Stroke Day with a free medical screening exercise to educate people on the illness and its preventive methods.

The screening, held at the Dome market in the Greater Accra Region, created the awareness about stroke and provided free medication to those that were diagnosed and advised them on how to prevent further implications.

The screening covered test for blood pressure, Sugar level and Hepatises B among others.

Sheikh Dr Amin Bonsu, the Chief Executive Officer of Amen Scientific Herbal and Alternative Medical Hospital said the illness was one of the fastest causes of Paralysis and death in the world, adding that the illness was alarming, hence, the need for more awareness campaigns to educate the public about it.

He said in the past, stroke affected the aged, “but now, it affects people as young as young as 13 years due to some lifestyles and habits they adopt”.

He said over thinking, too much stress, late eating, too much intake of fatty foods, eating of too much meat and quick temperament were factors that could cause one to get stroke.

Addressing the public at the market, he explained that, the illness could lead to blindness, paralysis and speech.
“Hypertension, Diabetes and Severe headache could also cause one to get the illness”, he added.

Dr Bonsu said the treatment of the condition was difficult, thus, advised the public to eat more fruits and vegetables, exercise regularly for at least for 30 minutes, eat balance diets, drink more water, avoid the intake of alcohol and hard drugs and avoid late eating to ensure a healthy living.

Madam Martha Adubea, a trader who benefited from the screening and medication, expressed her excitement and commended the CEO and his staff for the kind gesture.

Dr Bonsu engaged the crowd in some exercises they could do daily to keep them healthy.
Those who were screened were given free medication and cards to visit any branch of the hospital for further checks.


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