Mr Jackson, however, urged Ghanaians to let the issues that were pertinent for achieving a prosperous nation determine their choice of leadership.

It was, therefore, important he said, for voters to equip themselves with national development issues and demand of the candidates to address those issues.


These include creating jobs, fighting corruption, promoting decentralisation and providing quality education, healthcare and infrastructure.

Mr Jackson was addressing a reception to commemorate the 240th Independence Anniversary of the United States of America, at the Embassy in Accra. It was on the theme: “Ghana and the Unite States: A Partnership for Growth and Prosperity”.

He stated: “On Election Day, some will win, some will lose. Regardless of how your candidate or your party fares, we are all winners when peace and transparency prevails.”

He emphasised that it was the responsibility of all to ensure peace because ‘evil only triumphs when good people do nothing.’

He advised: “In the coming months, people who put their own interests ahead of all else will try to divide you; stand firm. Make it clear that you stand for peace. That you stand for transparency. That you stand for Ghana.”

He said although the rhetoric could sometimes become harsh and divisive during the heat of the electioneering, the inclusion across lines of faith, gender, and ethnicity remained a central value of the United States, who will also go to the polls this year.

During his duty tour to Ghana, Mr Jackson said he was committed to double trade between the two countries, saying business and trade still played an important role in the relationship between Ghana and the US.

He said while he wanted to see American products and services in Ghana, he was also eager to see Ghana transform its manufacturing sector and send an increased amount of “Made in Ghana” goods to the U. S. market.

“Promoting economic growth and investment in Ghana is a priority for our bilateral relationship,” he maintained.

Mr Haruna Iddrisu, the Minister for Employment and Labour Relations, responding to a toast by Mr Jackson, congratulated President Barack Obama and the American people on the occasion of their Independence Anniversary, which falls on July 4.

He assured the Ambassador of a corresponding government support to achieve his goal of doubling bilateral trade between the two countries.

The Minister said trade and investment between the countries had grown to US$1.2 billion with enormous opportunities for further future cooperation in trade.

He urged Ghanaian companies to work to take advantage of such opportunities and to learn from the experiences of the growing number of American companies in Ghana.

He underlined Ghana’s commitment to market liberalisation, privatisation in key economic sectors and a politically stable environment, which he said had made it a choice destination for businesses.

He commended the US for initiatives such as Trade Africa, Partnership for Growth, Feed the Future, the Millennium Challenge Compact and the African Growth and Opportunities Act, which had contributed to Ghana’s economic development.

Mr Iddrisu said the Government had put in place all the necessary measures, with the cooperation of the relevant constitutionally mandated institutions, to ensure the success of the elections in a peaceful, transparent and fair manner.

The reception was attended by various governmental and business dignitaries, the Diplomatic Community, traditional rulers, as well as business representatives.

Source: GNA/


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