If you weren?t able to access today, it wasn?t your router.

Thousands throughout the United States tried accessing Amazon?s homepage only to be let down by the inconvenience. Some people were able to access different pages on Amazon?s site, and others were able to maneuver around the mobile app.

As stated in SlashGear, the hacker group known as the Nazi Gods has taken credit for Amazon?s ?intermission.?The Nazi Gods brought forth an explanation as to how they ignited the madness, but then proceeded to credit Amazon for being the group?s homepage on their own server.

An outage on Amazon is extremely rare and according to CNN Money, a few short minutes of downtime can wind up costing the company millions.

Amazon?s database is constructed to minimize as much downtime as possible. In addition to this, the server holds so much capacity that left it possible for Amazon to run its own side business. Amazon Web Services was established to host other websites. Therefore, Amazon-owned sites such as Zappos and IMDB were still up and running.

The site was down for fifty minutes.

Source : AFP


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