Valentines Day Fist Of Fury
Valentines Day Fist Of Fury

The second week of the exciting Bukom Fist of Fury Boxing League comes up at The Lord’s Wembley at Shukura in Accra.

14 clubs would be represented and they are going to face the current top boxers and the rising stars on the bill which is sanctioned by the Ghana Boxing Federation GBF. The boxers from Bono Region to do an exhibition bout.


For the people of Shukura this is the second time they are feeling the Fist of Fury Boxing League and the Gravey Train would be moving to other localities and regions.

Each club would provide four boxers after weighing before the pairing can be made to get the specific boxers for particular weight classes and clashes.

For the pairings among the clubs:

Attoh Q vrs Sea View

Discipline vrs The Gym

Akotoku vrs CSPY

Wisdom vrs CQBF

Tomorrow morning is the weighing day at 8am at the Lord’s Wembley.

Bukom Fist of Fury Boxing League is in Week 2. You cannot afford to miss the action at Shukura on Valentines Day


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