A total of 100 houses in the Amansie West District have collapsed, leaving more than 800 people displaced, following days of continuous heavy rainfall.

The worst hit community is Mpatuam – accounting for about 50 per cent of the houses now reduced to piles of rubble. There has, however, not been any reported casualties.

Some roads running across the district, notorious for illegal gold mining (galamsey), have disappeared under centimeters of water, disrupting transportation and creating huge discomfort for many. These include the Atwere-Moseaso, Agroyesum-Mim, Koniase-Dadease-Datano roads.

The sick, who had sought treatment at the Saint Michael’s Hospital at Agroyesum, have been struggling to return to their communities. The District Chief Executive (DCE), Mr. William Bediako Asante and officials of the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO), have managed to reach the affected communities to assess the extent of destruction.

It was also to determine the kind of assistance that could be immediately provided to bring relief to them. He gave the assurance that the victims would be supported to get their lives back.