The Chief of Manso-Nkwanta, Nana Pipim Kakari has commended the Amansie West Small Scale Miners Association (AWSSMA) in the Ashanti Region for receiving certificate from the Registrar General?s Department to operate as legal body or association.

According to the Chief of the area, it is just important that the group has taken such a decision to bring all small scale miners under one umbrella to work and be governed by rules and regulations.

Nana Kakari said he was particularly happy about the motive and the objective of the Association which is to ensure that all persons in the group cover the pits on their concessions after their operations.

Nana Kakari made these observations during his meeting with the Amansie West Small Scale Miners to deliberate on issues regarding the development of the association.

During their meeting, the Association (AWSSMA) had discussed extensively concerning how to reclaim the degraded and measures to take to cover mining pits.

It is believed that Small-scale mining has led to the degradation of about fifteen thousand (15,000) hectares of land in the country.

The lands in the district had been stripped bare of vegetation, lost the top soil and left with deep underground uncovered water pits.

Nana Kakari cited that posterity will not forgive them if they have degraded or dig holes and do not cover the pits leaving the land bare as part of their operations.

The group (AWSSMA) which started with few number of small scale miners has now increased rapidly to about two hundred and fifty (250) with many others promising to come and register as legitimate members.

The Secretary to the Association, Mr. Adu Poku Brempong has urged members to contribute their quota to the development of the association.

He stated it is important for the group to avoid the bad name that the small scale miners in the Amansie West district were tagged with.

Mr. Poku Brempong further stated the group is poised to regularize the operations or activities of the small scale miners in the district.

He said the group will make it compulsory for every legitimate member to reclaim the land that he or she has already degraded.




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