Story: Fatima Abdul-Karim

TRUCKS FROM ZOOMLIONThe Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) has received assorted waste management equipment form Zoomlion Ghana Limited.

The equipments which include five thousand (5,000) refuse Bins (240 ltrs-capacity), two (2) gulf cut vehicle for inspection, seven (7) refuse trucks and fifty (50) refuse containers to currently support the heap of rubbish that has posed a lot of dangers to the country.

Mr. Robert Coleman, the Accra Regional Communicator Director of Zoomlion who handed over the equipment at a short ceremony at the AMA yard at Kaneshie, sad it was a shared responsibility between government and Zoomlion to do away with rampant cholera in Accra and have made the company to decide to put up in a package together across the length and breadth of Accra to do away with the sanitation problem.

According to him, the AMA has done a lot in making sure that good sanitation is restored in the Metropolis.

He indicated Zoomlion’s preparedness to be part of such a promising project and hence donate all the necessary equipment to help the AMA.

During the handing over ceremony, he retreated that, it formed part of the company’s cooperate social responsibility and that management would continue with such gestures to cater for sanitation problems in the country since Zoomlion Ghana limited is a waste management company they will not renege on their responsibilities.

He added that, the equipment will help improve the sanitation problems, as fuel will be purchased by the company and this has been done in collaboration with the Ministry of Local Government throughout the country.

Meanwhile, the Accra mayor Hon. Alfred Okoe Vanderpuije said, the AMA has very high sentiment on Accra sanitation even though they have measured above average and believe by the end of this year, it will be measured beyond that.

According to him, Accra recorded over thousands of cholera but this it has been bitten down-below thousand which means the AMA improve and will continue to work to eliminate heaps of rubbish in Accra to suit its slogan of the Better Ghana Agenda and Accra being a Millennium City.

He thanked everybody including Zoomlion and Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development for making it possible and easier for the AMA to deliver much better.

The mayor urged all to register with AMA to get stickers to be posted one every house to make it possible collection of rubbish by the Assembly and added that failure to do so will lead to prosecution.

He assures every house within his jurisdiction to get free bins for their rubbish.

The Accra Mayor, Alfred Oko Vanderpuije, has attributed the outbreak of Cholera in the Metropolis to poor liquid waste handling and insanitary conditions under which food is prepared for public consumption and not poor solid waste disposal.

Accra has recorded 826 cases of cholera with 17 confirmed deaths as compared to 3,000 cases and 24 deaths recorded within the same period last year due to preventive measures put in place, but the Accra Mayor says a lot more needs to be done.


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