The Alliance for Accountable Governance (AFAG) has called on the Mayor of Accra, Dr. Alfred Okoe Vanderpuije, to resign.

According to the group, Dr. Vanderpiuje?s continuous knee-jerk reaction in dealing with issues in Accra, coupled with his ?insensitivity? clearly indicate that he is not fit for the job of mayor.

AFAG made the call in a release issued yesterday and signed by its leading members, who are the Operational Director, Davis Opoku; Deputy Operational Director, Joshua Kyeremateng; Deputy General Secretary, Kweku Ohene Djan and; Deputy Operational  Director, Murtala Mohammed.

While sympathising with victims of the fire disaster that occurred at one of Accra?s markets, Kantamanto, on May 5, the group sought to find out the status of 1993 Makola Market Report following a similar occurrence when fire gutted that market too.

?That Market Report, for instance, directed city authorities to provide fire-fighting equipment, including early fire detection and warning systems, fire extinguishers, hose reels and landing valves to help detect and facilitate the initial fighting of fires when they break out before the arrival of fire personnel.

[?The Report] further recommended that fire posts be constructed in the market or fire wardens made to provide a 24-hour service at the commercial centers to serve as first line defense in case of any fire outbreak. Again, the markets were also required to have adequate exit points to ensure the smooth evacuation and accessibility by emergency workers.?

Against this backdrop, AFAG pointed out with regret that 20 years on from the Makola fire, the AMA has shown no commitment to implement the recommendations contained in the Makola Report.

?Rather energies have been directed towards re-location to the neglect of the safety and protection of the investments of the traders. Thus we liken the suggestion of the Accra Mayor to re-locate the traders to other Markets with similar defects as just a measure of postponing the funeral of an ailing old woman,? the statement noted.

According to AFAG, what the affected traders at Kantamanto need is ?conciliatory and placatory words and not discriminatory, intimidating and draconian measures? as has been unleashed on them by the AMA and other state agencies.

AFAG therefore appealed to the police to attach a human face in the conduct of their operations at the market scene.

?These are really difficult times for our fellow countrymen and women who at this stage are still counting their losses after the disaster. The least the Assembly can do for them is to sooth and not to molest them,? the statement said.



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